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FRASINEI Monastery

The priests' life from here is just like the one from the Holly Mountain Athos. The most powerful exorcizes from Romania take place at Frasinei Monastery in Valcea. In this Saint Monastery, women don't have access.

Those who have tried to enter here dressed in men's clothes have tragically disappeared. Women pray at the monastery before Frasinei. Here is where the most fantastical miracles happen.
    A charming place through its beauty and touristy objectives is Valcea. This place has kept its own landscape and perfume.
    Situated at just 17 km. from Ramnicu-Valcea, Frasinei Monastery is visited by people from every corner of the world. The ones who fear God come here to heal their souls and bodies. They come alone or brought by family and friends. Here, the visitors feel closer to God. The light has a mystical appearance when the night falls, drawing on the faces of the shafts some icons of peace and tranquility. This explains the religious part of the dead, the monasteries built one after another. The strength of poorness and faith is overwhelming. Having only God by your side, you can't be otherwise but powerful. Every prayor made from the heart at Frasinei comes true with just a few conditions: to respect God's will, to be kinder, more peaceful and less selfish. Every healing begins with the soul. The first step to silence is confession. This is the only way we can make peace with God. To become real Christians, we must accomplish two things: not to do harm and not to harm each other.
    The church of Frasinei Monastery, also called the Big Church, with the entire facility of buildings, in shape of a fortress was made with the help of Saint Calinic, bishop of Ramnicu-Valcea who builds it between 1860 and 1863.

    The painter Auritium Avachian has washed the paint in 1968, made out of oil by the painter Misu Pop, in Tattarescu's style. Now, it is an historical monument. The old church keeps the painting from 1763, made by Teodor Zugravu.
    The priests' life from here is like the one on The Holly Mountain Athos.
It is being said that here, at the Frasinei Monastery, monks and priests are being brought from all over Romania, the ones who have sinned, to suffer their punishments. Asked by us if there is a prison for monks, the priests have failed to answer.
    Frasinei Monastery is a place where womens may not enter.
Like a blesing from God, 2 KM. before the monastery a church has been built where women come from all over the world.
This is where the most powerful exorcizes are being made.